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Anushka Ell

People Clearing (Aura Cleanse)

People Clearing (Aura Cleanse)

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Please note: When booking two sessions at once, ensure that there's a ONE HOUR GAP between the two, as you will receive an automatic email due to an "appointment clash". I leave an hour between each session to clear energy and restore my own. It's not recommended that you book back-to-back sessions unless one of them is an oracle reading. 

Also known as an aura cleanse, a People Clearing is when I will scan your body and remove any negative thought forms or entities that may be weighing you down emotionally, spiritually and physically.

This is a thorough investigation and clearing on your body, and goes for a maximum of 2 hours. I often check if you have any curse energy or evil eye directed towards you that may be affecting you. This is perfect to do every few months to have a full energy refresh and spiritual declutter!

*Price is inclusive of notes that will be sent to you after your session.

Zoom link will be emailed to you 1 hour prior to your session. Please ensure you check junk mail

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