About Me

Hey friends! Anushka, here :)

Thanks so much for visiting my page. 

If you've stumbled across it, then you must be looking for the right healing modality for YOU! Or simply wanting a healer that *ALIGNS* with you! 

A little about me...

I grew up being a hyper-sensitive kid. I felt all kinds of emotions, not realising they weren't my own. I felt like a little angry alien haha! I had an amazing bullshit detector, which took me a long time to trust because I always gave people the benefit of the doubt, especially because I didn't understand that my "random feelings" were in fact my intuition telling me something or someone was off!

I could also feel presences and always felt like I was being watched and had some pretty crazy dreams too! This made me really fascinated in dreams AND ghosts! If you have any ghost stories, I'm definitely the first one to listen intently! 

I've always been interested in energy healing and wanting to assist people in healing trauma. While I've previously worked in the Community Services field as a Case Support Worker and Youth Residential Worker, I wished that there was a better way to assist people with healing and moving forward. I mean some life changing shit, like DEEP ROOT HEALING shit!!! 

Combining my love for helping people and energy healing has brought me the opportunity to actually do this through Emotion Code & Reiki. 🪄

I specialise in Emotion Code and am a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, and also a Reiki Master.

Along with this, I can also assist you in clearing any shitty, negative energy in your home AND from yourself. This often involves clearing ghost attachments and hauntings too - The fun stuff! 

If energy healing or house clearings are all fairly new to you, don't you worry about a thing! I will make sure I explain what to expect from the session either before a session or at the beginning of a session.

Looking forward to assisting you on your healing journey!! <3