• Anonymous

    "Anushka’s sessions are truly transformative. Anushka walks you through each step of your session with compassion and professionalism, never pressuring you to share your past experiences. You will feel like you’re just having a chat with an old friend. Anushka is a true healer, helping you reconnect with yourself in a profound way. Can not recommend her enough!"
  • Evita

    "I have done 3 Emotion Code sessions so far and wow, I could not be happier that I booked my healing sessions with Anushka. She explained what the Emotion Code is and what to expect from the session. It’s just mind-blowing what information (trapped emotions) came out from the past. And releasing this unnecessary “trash” is the greatest part of the process. I cannot recommend Anushka’s healing sessions highly enough, just trust me and make a booking for yourself (I’m sure you need it)!"
  • Michelle

    "Anushka did a house clearing for me recently, after I experienced a big change in my life. She was very friendly and walked me through the whole process. I’m so thankful that she’s been able to help me. Since then, I feel alot more comfortable and settled in my home. The space just feels calmer and more serene now. Thanks Anushka"
  • Maddy

    "Thank you! I had an emotion code session with Anushka and it help me a lot, felt very relieved afterwards, she is very kind and caring."
  • Amanda

    "I recently went to Anushka for my first ever Emotion Code session. Anushka explained what to expect at the beginning of the session and checked in regularly with me throughout, which I found very reassuring and comforting. Anushka has a calming presence, deep enthusiasm and passion for the work she does with her clients. Thank you for an enlightening and reflective experience!"
  • Anonymous

    "Anushka is amazing, and I highly recommend her services! I approached her for both a house clearing and emotion code session, as I start to delve into healing myself. From the start, she was very kind and approachable whilst answering all my questions. Both of my sessions were treated with the utmost care, professionalism, and privacy. Anushka was so spot on with my emotional healing and gave so much advice for the processing afterwards. The house clearing for me was an eye opener with what she found and was an excellent way to get rid of stagnant and residual negative energy. There was even time to check in with my furbaby and help release an attachment from them (very much appreciated)! I have walked away from my sessions feeling calmer and lighter. I'll definitely be booking in more. Thank you for all your hard work Anushka! And for anyone curious or intrigued about energy healing, give it try, you have nothing to lose!"
  • Nafisa

    "I recently sat for an emotion code session with Nush. It was my first ever session and we uncovered quite a few blockages and let them release. All the time spans and blockages that Nush discovered were so spot on. I really enjoy healing sessions as it leaves me with so much more to discover in my spiritual pursuits.Nush is absolutely lovely, made me feel very comfortable and explained the session clearly before we started. I'd highly encourage anyone looking for an emotion code session to book her in "
  • Alison

    "I had an Emotion Code reading with Anushka. I did a quick meditation before our session to touch base with my guides, so they could assist in helping to release “stuck” and “unwanted” energy. Anushka was calm, friendly and straight down business. She explained how it was going to work and asked if there was anything that I noticed and wanted to clear. When we began, Anushka connected with her spiritual team right away and I could feel a light tingling around my head when certain emotions were released. I could also feel some emotion releasing only halfway and getting “stuck” around the collarbone. We released quite a bit and I felt much lighter, clearer in body and had a great sleep over the next 3 nights. I will be booking another appointment to release the emotions that were not quite ready to go. Thanks Anushka and team "
  • Dominic

    "I Went to see Anushka and I don’t regret it, she’s very professional, knowledgeable and passionate with what she does. After seeing her I felt lighter and even had some improvements in sleep. Thank you!"
  • Nic

    "I had emotional code and angel card reading with Anushka. She was professional and made me feel so understood and really comfortable. I’ve left feeling lighter and excited for another session. Can not recommend her enough!! Thank you Anushka"
  • Nicholas

    "Anushka is an exceptional healer with a gentle demeanor and profound understanding of energy work. Her practice creates a serene and welcoming environment where clients can experience deep healing and spiritual growth. Anushka's expertise in bringing peace and wellness makes her an invaluable asset to anyone seeking her help.All reactions:11"
  • Jessica

    "I was fortunate to have my first ever session of Emotion Code with Anushka. She guided me through what to expect at the beginning and checked in regularly throughout the session, which I really appreciated and found very comforting. Thank you for a wonderfully enlightening experience, I learnt a lot! I'd certainly recommend anyone interested to learn more about emotion code to book a session with Anushka! ~"