*online or in-person (45-60 mins)

Emotion Code

Need some deep root healing?

The Emotion Code allows you to release trapped negative emotions from your body. These emotions became trapped by you during particular situations where you were unable to process them properly. They can also be emotions that were absorbed from other people.

This gives you the opportunity to not only release the trapped emotion from yourself, but also any family or kids that have inherited it.


*online or in-person (30-45 mins)

House Clearing

Are you experiencing a haunting or simply have negative energy in your household?

Let's turn your space back into your sanctuary filled with positivity where you can relax again!

You don't need to be present for this session, and in fact, it can be done at a distance!


*In-person session ONLY (30-45 mins)

Reiki Healing

With your permission, I'll assist you in bringing your chakras back into alignment.

This will in-turn invite more calm and balanced energy to your body and soul.

In-person sessions are preferred for Reiki!


*online or in-person (15-30 mins)

Oracle Reading

Gain some clarity and guidance through a mini Oracle reading!


*online or in-person (30-45 mins)

People Clearing

Also known as an aura cleanse, a People Clearing is when I will scan your body and remove any negative thought forms or entities that may be weighing you down emotionally, spiritually and physically.