The Emotion Code: Releasing Trapped Emotions

The Emotion Code: Releasing Trapped Emotions

Hey friends!

There is definitely an increase in alternative therapy modalities out there, and there is such a HUGE variety of options offered to us nowadays that it would be so difficult to figure out what to choose! 

I always advise people to go with what resonates with them the most...What feels right in your GUT! 

One modality that I was drawn to is called "The Emotion Code". Now, when I first tried it out, I had very little knowledge around it. In fact, I had a friend recommend it to me who is also a healer and I have a lot of respect and trust in her, so I straight away was like....Why the hell not?!

Before this, I had never done any healing work online and honestly... I had no choice with this one because my Emotion Code Practitioner is all the way in England! 

I did YEARS of DEEP ROOT HEALING work with her within just ONE year! Every session I had with her, I was left absolutely gobsmacked by the information that came out of it. The accuracy was unbelievable! And for it to all be done over Zoom was amazing to me!!

I've done talk therapy before, and I found this modality to be 10 x more healing for me! But hey, let's not forget that EVERYONE is DIFFERENT! Some people may prefer talk therapy and some may prefer energy healing.

So let me tell you...


What IS 'The Emotion Code'??

The Emotion Code is a method that was created by Dr Bradley Nelson from the U.S. He came up with this method in order to identify "Trapped Emotions" (aka Emotional Baggage) in someone's body and to assist that person in releasing it.


How does it work?

As your practitioner, I will communicate with your subconscious and identify specific trapped emotions through muscle-testing and/or intuition. 

Now these trapped emotions become "trapped" when you experience an uncomfortable or unsettling experience and you're unable to process it properly at the time. These trapped emotions could be something that you would experience quite often throughout your lifetime due to being trapped in your body, and you may be confused as to why it keeps popping up! Most of the time, clients are able to identify the experience straight away when I provide an age that the emotion became trapped. It can be shocking AND exciting at the same time!


What are the different types of Trapped Emotions?

1. Common; Emotions that are trapped during your own personal experience.

2. Inherited; Emotions that have been trapped by an ancestor. This can be 3+ generations up!

3. Absorbed; Emotions that you absorbed from someone else. Think of yourself like a sponge. Empaths especially find this one quite common for them.

4. Prenatal; Emotions that your Mother was experiencing quite strongly while you were in her womb, and has become trapped in YOU!

5. Shared; Emotions that are shared with someone else due to experiencing the same event at the same time, and having the same emotional response.

6. Preconception; Emotions that are trapped in your energy body prior to conception. This one is the rarest trapped emotion to have.


How are Trapped Emotions released?

A magnet! Yup. You read that right.

As I'm connecting with your energy body, I use a magnet to go over my Governing Meridian 3 times. The Governing Meridian is basically the main point of your electromagnetic field, which every single body consists of. Once I've done this, the emotion is released from your body.

Emotions involving other people, such as Inherited, Absorbed, Prenatal & Shared will be released not only from you, but also from others involved, whether they're alive or no longer physically here. Because these emotions require more effort to release from multiple people, I will be going over my Governing Meridian 10 times to release these trapped emotions from you AND others involved.

*For more information on electromagnetic fields & healing with magnets, check out


What should you expect after a session?

After your session, you will then have a "Processing period". This processing period will be identified to you at the end of your session. It can go between 1-7 days depending on how HEAVY your trapped emotions are. 

Everyone has a different experience with their processing period, so expect anything! Here are some examples of what you could experience below:

  • Lethargy
  • Insomnia
  • Vivid dreams or nightmares
  • Headaches
  • Miscommunication with others
  • Old issues surfacing
  • Cold symptoms 
  • Up and down emotions
  • Mood swings.


How can you make the processing period easier for yourself?

I would suggest being kind to yourself and practicing a lot of self care. You have just accessed some DEEP-ROOTED experiences and uncomfortable emotions and your body would be exhausted from releasing all of that!

Make sure that during this time that you're also ALLOWING yourself to FEEL & RELEASE the emotions that are surfacing for you. Remember that the reason old issues are surfacing for you out of the blue is because it's time for you to release them. That means NO compartmentalising or swatting away negative emotions!

Use whatever outlet that works for you to be able to release these. This could include, but are NOT limited to:

  • Writing
  • Exercising
  • Talking to a therapist or trusted friend
  • Dancing
  • Crying.

If you don't take those steps to assist with your release, it is likely that these emotions may be trapped again. You don't want to have to do double the work that you already have to do now, would you?! Put yourself and your healing as number one priority, especially during this time :)


Is Emotion Code safe for Pets?

Sure is!! The process will be done the exact same way as it will be done for humans, but of course I will need the guardian's permission, and I will follow up by getting permission from the pet also! :) Sometimes the pet will advise that it's not them that needs the healing, and in fact it's what their guardian needs instead!



In no way are Emotion Code sessions to replace advice or treatments from Medical practitioners. This also includes Veterinarians and Mental Health practitioners. 

If you are wearing a pacemaker, ensure you do NOT use a magnet directly. on yourself or allow anyone else to use a magnet directly on yourself for healing. You can simply use your hand for this healing as an alternative.


What now?

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can! However, if you've got all the information you needed and are now keen to get your Emotion Code healing done, head on over to my Emotion Code booking page HERE.


- Love, Anushka <3


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