Who Am I?

Who Am I?

Hi there! In case you missed it...

My name is Anushka!

I offer Emotion Code healings, Reiki healings, House clearings & Angel card readings. I know, they all rhyme. It wasn't planned, I swear! Haha!

I've created this blog in order for you all to get to know me in some way. Maybe you're curious about the work that I do and want to suss out who this crazy lady is, or would like to find out about my experiences. Perhaps you've been experiencing some unexplainable things yourself and need some type of validation or advice?

Either way - Welcome, and thanks for stopping by!! :)


What's my background?

I previously studied Certificate IV in Design & Diploma in Graphic Design. I enjoyed using photoshop AND my Dad's cameras from a young age, however I found when I studied design, I lost passion for it. I didn't find it fun. I know I know... work isn't "meant" to be fun right? BUT WHO SAYS!??! I want to ENJOY what I do! And that was FAR from enjoyable for me. On top of that, I lacked a lot of self confidence and self esteem back then and was still finding myself.

In recent years, I've studied Diploma in Community Services, and Certificate IV in Child, Youth & Family Intervention. During my Diploma, I did work placement for a fantastic organisation called The Workshop, that does workshops in schools for topics such as puberty education, respectful relationships, youth empowerment, etc. My second work placement was very much an opposite vibe to this, as I did it at Child Protection in the Response & Investigation team. Now, THAT was an eye-opener!!

After working approx. 9 years in Retail, I went onto working at Anglicare VIC for a wonderful program called 'Cradle 2 Kinder', which unfortunately no longer exists. I worked alongside young mums (aged 16-24 years) & their bubs, which was such a super fun role for me! I met some beautiful people too; colleagues AND clients! I then, went onto do Youth Work in Youth Residential Care for OnCall Group & Anglicare VIC. Now THAT was another eye-opener!

Seeing kids going through such a broken system was so heartbreaking, and I just wished that I could've supported them at a much greater capacity. Imagine being able to assist these kids in releasing their trauma effectively and preventing re-traumatization, while ensuring that they FEEL they're in a safe space?! Now THAT would be the ideal path for these kids right?

Imagine if you were able to unlock their full potential in a way they would've never thought was possible? That their carers, psychologists, teachers, parents - would never have thought was possible?!

Okay, I'm about to rant, so let's move on! Haha!


What now??

Okay, so I own a small business with my partner, Stefano, called 'The Cookie Mistress'. I've always enjoyed baking and I have to admit...I make THE best soft, chewy cookies ever! I'm not ashamed of bragging about it! Haha!

I'm now a certified Emotion Code Practitioner & qualified Reiki Master!

While, I knew that continuing in the field of Community Services wasn't necessarily for me, I also knew that I wanted to make a REAL difference in people's lives. After witnessing the impact of such complex trauma in young kids, I want to ACTUALLY assist in releasing these traumas and ripping down barriers and heart-walls, and whatever else is standing in the way of people's happiness and reaching their potential! The possibilities are absolutely limitless!

I'm excited to assist people in overcoming these!


How did I get HERE though??

I was ALWAYS a super sensitive kid. I suffered with anxiety growing up, but of course, I didn't know what that awful nagging feeling was until I was MUCH older. I always felt like I could tell when someone was feeling a certain way, even if they didn't express it. I believe a lot of my anxiety was due to that, and it would've helped mini me if I knew how to identify other people's emotions vs my own. Another thing that I learned how to do when MUCH older! Haha! Mind you, I was also one of those kids that kept it to myself. No one truly knew how BAD my anxiety really was after all!

Not only was I a little empath, but I also always felt like there were others amongst us that I simply could not see. Quite often when I was in a room alone, I never truly felt alone. I remember CRYING and not wanting to sleep in my own room and making up that I saw a spider in the room, but in actual fact, I felt like there was someone else in there with me. I couldn't explain it and I was too afraid to speak up, because I felt like no one would believe me. Especially because I couldn't prove it myself! I've had a fear of the dark since I was little, and I believe this definitely contributed to it.

Growing up, I'd also see a lot of images popping up in my head of people smiling at me. People that didn't look familiar to me. It was always when I closed my eyes when getting ready for bed. I didn't feel threatened, but I never understood why my "imagination" would come up with something like that. Why are they looking at me? Who are they? Have I ever met them before? It was all so bizarre!

I also would have some crazy vivid dreams that would later occur in real life! Dreams will forever fascinate me, and yes - I'm one of THOSE people that love talking about what my weird dream was the night before! Don't act like it's not interesting to you! Haha!


So What?

SO, deciding to do healing work and provide spiritual services gives me a great combination of supporting people with overcoming traumas and mental barriers, as well as my interest and experience with the spirit world. DOUBLE WHAMMY!

While I have so much more to say, I have plenty of time to share my various experiences, so stay tuned!

If you have any questions or requests on topics you'd like for me to cover, please hit me up! I'd love to hear from you guys!!


Love love LOVE!


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